Hi reader, it is important to me that your holiday to Scotland meets, or preferably exceeds, your expectations. Loch Ness is the most famous place in Scotland outside of Edinburgh but are you aware that there are other amazing places neared to Edinburgh less than 4 hours drive away?

There are some great trips to Loch Lomond, Hadrian's Wall in the Borders south of Edinburgh, Perthshire etc. You can also just hop on a bus from Edinburgh to somewhere as wonderful as Rosslyn chapel - the one featured in the Da Vinci code.

Or maybe you would consider going to Loch Ness over two days instead of squeezing it into one day? Or take a 3 day tour to the Isle of Skye which also visits Loch Ness.

Just saying...
Kate Kieffer
5/16/2013 02:02:12 am

Went on the long tour back in 2007! I have always remembered it, and told friends to go since being back. so sad that the tours are no longer going on. Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for doing what you do and for a job well done! I hope someday the mini bus can get back to it! Until then, thank you again! Cheers!

9/16/2013 05:57:53 pm

Hi! Thanks to the Wild in Scotland tours I had the best tour through Scotland. I was all alone and thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the company and the facilities. I had toured in 2007 October. I still talk about the house near the lake in the Isle of Skye and the facilities. Those were the best days of my life seriously. Really sad that the tours had to be discontinued.

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